About Us

International Formation & Construction (IFC Foundations) is one of the leading piling and foundation companies in the United Arab Emirates.

IFC is a Gibralter based company which was formed in 1987 under the sponsorship of Mr. Obaid Saleh Mohamed Saeed Al Naeimi of M/s ADCECO Group of Companies.

In 1988 as a part of a modernization and expansion program, modern drilling equipment were purchased and introduced into the local market. The range of equipment included different piling systems to cover a wide range of applications i.e. Ground Anchors, Micro piles, CFA piles, Large diameter piles dia 450 f mm to 1500 f mm installed using temporary or permanent casings, Shoring systems either temporary or permanent by means of Steel H-beams (Berlin Wall System).

During the period 1987 to 2020 over 1300 projects were successfully completed under the supervision and approval of all local regulatory authorities i.e. Department of Social Services, Local Municipality, Public Works Department, Water & Electricity Department, Etisalat, ADMA-OPCO, GASCO & ADGAS.

One of the most prestigious project undertaken by IFC Foundations was the installation of 1400 piles for The Department of Commercial Buildings, Social Services & Purchasing Department Buildings in Abu Dhabi, the client was The Public Works Department and the piling was completed in 39 days.

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